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Suspension Of Records

How to visit the United States despite your criminal record. If you have been deemed inadmissible to the United States for criminality, immigration violations or other reasons, but are not able to obtain a waiver in time for your travel, the US CIS may allow you entry for temporary trips in extenuating circumstances such as medical, business or compassionate emergencies.
pardons in canada pioneered a new industry that has absolutely changed the lives of tens of thousands of Canadians by seamlessly assisting with the removal of criminal records, assisting in obtaining U.S. entry waivers, & providing other services such as fingerprinting & records checking.

We are professional pardon consultants with law backgrounds who understand how tough having a criminal record can be. Our innovative process ensures that you will receive your pardon as quickly as possible so you can move on. With our system, there is no lost time because we take care of everything.
With the applicant's permission, Pardons Canada takes the necessary steps and procedures for criminal record removal which includes helping you with your criminal pardon application or record suspension application while also helping with purges, photograph & fingerprint destruction and US entry waiver applications.
Depending on the type of conviction you have and the length of time which has passed, the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (which is being merged into the new Department of Homeland Security on March 1, 2003) may require you to apply for a US Waiver.
It is difficult for our investigation to even comment on whether the complainant was treated this way because others had knowledge of his criminal youth record. Through pardons and waivers it is possible for a person with a criminal record to overcome their past and have a safe and dependable career in the trucking industry.

All past criminal records will be revealed, even if you were granted a pardon, since US officers have a higher security clearance than Canadian corporations (banks, employers, insurance companies). Canadians have the option to apply for a US entry waiver on their own, but keep in the mind the rejection rate is high among self-submitted applications.
Mission: To help people with criminal records overcome their pasts through Record Suspensions, US Waivers and Canadian Entry applications. In a letter, the Respondent informed the complainant that there was no record of his past charges, stating "As you were a youth at the time, these records are not available or disclosed to anyone".

When you do a criminal records search the results will be the same as if you have never had any trouble with the law. If you're applying for a record suspension (formerly a pardon) from the Parole Board of Canada , you must obtain a local records check from every police jurisdiction in which you have lived for the last five years.
We are always happy to assist individuals with US entry waivers and criminal rehabilitation applications. The pardon may cover both the youth and adult records. These services provide peace of mind, but all they really are doing is filling out the same application you can fill out on your own.

Helping our clients obtain criminal pardons allows them to live, work and travel with ease. NOTE: In order to keep things simple we willproceed using the word pardon as though a pardon and a record suspension are interchangeable. Various law enforcement agencies in the US compile and update records for criminals depending on local, state and federal levels.
To apply for a pardon, get in touch with our application consultants by email or via phone and they will guide your through the process. Whether or not you need a US Entry Waiver depends on the type of offence on your record. The Respondent further advised that it only retained a copy of the completed checklist in the complainant's file to document the services provided by the Respondent.
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